Exceptional services of Online Sales in the Call center field


Nikos Illias explains why and how the company Online Sales is the foundation for “customer experience” in the field of call center services.

What does Online Sales precisely offer, and how have you managed to serve such a wide variety of customers in different fields?

The great variety is based on the great variety of services we offer. Essentially we offer an active channel of communication between our customers and their target group. The telephone services we offer cover two basic two basic axes: Sales and services. Online Sales has strategically invested in what we call “Customer Experience Provider”, concentrating in training and state of the art technology, satisfying customers such as Vodafone, Forthnet and Citibank

Is your service being supported by specific technological infrastructure?

One of our concerns is to be always on the edge of technology and to use it for our customers. So, in the last few years we invest in technology by catching up with every trend. In 2014, Online Sales invented in Private Cloud technology, which has brought us on top, being now the only Greek call-center company that moves in this direction. Our clients’ data safety, big perspectives, geographically distributed structure and integrated resource management are some of the advantages that this investment has given to us. Services like smart management of incoming and outcoming calls, recording of calls, monitoring and reporting of our final results, are now basic functions that ensure a complete and qualitative approach of our customers’ needs.

At this moment, you serve sectors like mobile telephony, cable television and bank organizations. Which other sectors could you serve with success?

Truth is that the sectors you mentioned are very interesting, from the telemarketing and services perspective. However, all these companies target (or they should target in my opinion) to customer experience. This need is being satisfied by Online Sales, which can become a strategic partner and open a new communication channel between the company and the final customer. This need might be related to a market research, serving and informing the company’s current clients or even finding new ones. So, our services range could satisfy needs of many companies from various sectors, for example Shipping, Medicines, Energy and many others.

Which was your incentive for the company’s foundation and what expectations did you have at the beginning?

When I started Online Sales, my expectation, except from my ambition, was to create results. I think that the whole incentive came from the work itself and its consequences to me. Soon after beginning working as a telemarketing agent I earned much confidence and courage, therefore I could develop myself in a professional way.

My first expectations were to create a stable cooperation channel with clients who had needs in telemarketing and services issues. Then, I realized that the work effects on me where the same with my partners’ effects. So, we are together until today as a team that shares the same beliefs, visions and ideas.

In a time of crisis, you created your own company despite the difficult situation. Would you recommend this to a young man today?

When I started Online Sales, because of my young age I didn’t feel any danger or risks at all. Sometimes, when you overanalyze every possible scenario and danger that probably exists,you feel worried and insecure in the end, and this prevents you from making important decisions.

To tell the truth, I would make the same choices and the same mistakes as then, if I was young again. So, to answer your question, I would definitely recommend every young man today to chase his dreams and do what he/she really wants. Because only if you do something you really love, you do it right and there is no chance of failure.

Which are the modern challenges for companies, in your opinion?

The modern challenges for the companies change every day. Things are changing so fast without any security or confidence and as a company too we need to stay alert, be flexible, supply ourselves with new data and tools and obviously look forward.